cannabis manufacturing and distribution software

Cannabis Manufacturing and Distribution software.

Cannabis Manufacturing and Distribution. Simplified.

Centralize your operations, inventory, and METRC compliance in one streamlined system.

The most accurate and efficient cannabis manufacturing and distribution software with customizable features.

“We spend 75% less time in Metrc since switching to Roshi, specifically in order fulfillment and manifesting.”

– Sarah Hines, COO, Proof

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Roshi is Designed For


Leverage dynamic bills of materials, ingredient traceability and digital batch records to elevate your production operations and GMP compliance.

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Optimize extraction processes and track inputs, outputs and WIP with a module customized for your unique products and workflows.

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Streamline inventory and production across brands, while providing your customers with real-time access to the status of their work orders.

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Empower your sales team with mobile sales order creation and harness the power of Roshi’s pick-pack workflow to fulfill orders with speed and accuracy.

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