cannabis manufacturing and distribution software

Cannabis Manufacturing and Distribution software.

Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Simplified. 

Automated inventory management & real-time product insights, for cannabis. Supply chain management software for the cannabis industry

“We spend 75% less time in Metrc since switching to Roshi, specifically in order fulfillment and manifesting.”

– Sarah Hines, COO, Proof

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Roshi is Designed For


Improve efficiency and compliance managing your grows, plant batches, plants and harvests while gaining actionable insights that drive your business.

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Optimize extraction processes and track inputs, outputs and WIP with a module customized for your unique products and workflows.

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Leverage dynamic bills of materials, ingredient traceability and digital batch records to elevate your production operations and GMP compliance.

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Empower your sales team with mobile sales order creation and harness the power of Roshi’s pick-pack workflow to fulfill orders with speed and accuracy.

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