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The most accurate and efficient inventory management platform for cannabis manufacturers and distributors

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We know how to manage inventory in a changing regulatory market.
We listened to the needs of top cannabis manufacturers & distributors and built solutions.

Designed for Cannabis

Built from the ground up to support the unique cannabis specific workflows of manufacturers and distributors while leveraging best practices from FDA regulated industries.

Mobile-First for Modern Operators

All of the same features from our desktop at your fingertips in our Android & iOS mobile applications. Our app is designed for present-day workplaces and today’s workforce.

Beyond METRC Compliance

Demonstrate transparency and accountability to regulators, auditors, and your customers with full traceability across all inventory, whether it’s METRC tracked or not.


Smart Inventory Management

Reduce costs and streamline production with automated inventory tracking, and optimize your operations with real-time data analytics.

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Inventory Management

Roshi’s inventory management engine gives operators real-time insights into the inventory levels of both their cannabis and non-cannabis supplies (raw materials, packaging, etc.). Facility room management and configurable inventory thresholds ensure you always know where your materials are and when you need to order more.


We know that there’s more to extraction than a product conversion or assembly. Custom built for extraction, Roshi’s extraction module supports multi-step extractions, multiple inputs and outputs, and user defined data collection and analytics.


Roshi eliminates paper by digitizing all aspects of paper batch records, creating a new source of reportable, searchable and actionable insights for your organization. Our production module supports dynamic and fixed batch sizes / ingredients, enables operators to track waste, weight and yields.

Sales Orders

Seamlessly raise, fulfill and invoice customer orders all from your phone. Empower your sales team and increase efficiency with a mobile based modern eCommerce sales module that provides real-time inventory counts and 24/7 access.

Cycle Counts

Utilize Roshi’s mobile app with barcode scanning to perform bottoms up compliance driven inventory cycle counts and reconciliation with ease. Our workflow driven blinded cycle counts module simplifies the process and keeps you compliant.


Get accurate COGS, easily link METRC transfers and capture and track cultivation taxes by utilizing our robust, yet intuitive purchase order module. 


Roshi’s dashboards are designed to give operators a quick pulse of their operations and actionable analytics to drive their business forward. Email and web based detail reports provide finance and sales teams with insights into inventory value, journal transactions and sales performance.


Recalls happen. Whether it’s the active cannabis ingredient, ancillary supplies, or packaging materials it’s critical that you’re in control.  Leverage the Roshi genealogy report to instantly identify product by batch and package tag number with the click of a button.