Roshi’s manufacturing module can be as simple or complex as you need. Define your bill of materials (BOM) and recipes, include all types of ingredients and units of measure, track semi-finished goods and digitize batch record data.

Dynamic Bill of Materials

No more calculators. Dynamically scale your batch sizes up or down and Roshi will calculate all of the ingredients you need.

Scale Your Operations

Improve operational efficiency, data quality and get ready to scale your operation with real-time data entry in an easy to use mobile app.

Reduce your COGS

With Roshi’s lot tracking capabilities, get batch over batch COGS to see how your COGS are changing over time, and the biggest influencers to those changes.

Key Features

Bill of Materials

Create a reusable bill of materials by defining your ingredients and recipes yields for your products.

Multi-Level BOMs

Create multi-level BOMs comprised of semi-finished goods or SKUs.

Automated Inventory Management

Automatically deducted raw materials, ancillary and packaging supplies during batch runs.

Waste Management

Integrated waste management ensuring your inventory is always up to date.

Lot Tracked Ingredients

Serialize all types of ingredient inputs for full product traceability and recall protection.

Printable Batch Records

Generate a printable batch records with your estimates, actuals, waste, and full audit log for each batch run.

Automate, manage and streamline your production operations and provide real-time visibility across your organization. 

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