Learn more about Metrc and Cannabis Track-and-Trace
Learn more about Metrc and Cannabis Track-and-Trace

METRC: The Basics

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about METRC.

What is METRC?

The Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (Metrc) system is a seed-to-sale traceability and compliance management solution used by regulatory bodies for the oversight of the cannabis industry. Metrc is a cloud-hosted online software reporting system used by licensed cannabis businesses to manage and report supply chain activities as required by State rules.

Will I need to manually enter data into METRC?

Yes. Unless you utilize a fully integrated 3rd party software provider, you will be required to manually enter all of your data into your state’s METRC system. Please be aware that in many states having fully integrated solutions is not a possibility for 3rd party software providers due to regulatory and/or METRC system capabilities.

Which states use METRC?

Metrc is the state regulatory system used in Alaska, California, Colorado (including industrial hemp), Washington, D.C., Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and West Virginia.

Learn more about state regulations below.

What’s the difference between an RFID, UID, and Package Tag?

METRC utilizes RFID tags, which allow regulators to scan a particular plant or product and determine its origin and traceability within the supply chain. These physical RFID tags each have a unique 24-character alphanumeric identifier referred to as the UID (unique identifier) or package tag number.

What activities are recorded in METRC?

As a licensed cannabis business you will be required to assign and place an RFID tag on every plant and inventory item, tracking its product transformations, and transfers of the product throughout the supply chain. All activities related to the planting, cultivating, harvesting, testing, transferring, processing, and selling of cannabis must be reported to the state via the Metrc system. A complete list of tracking requirements can be found on your state’s regulatory body website. Please find your state below for your more information.

What is an API? How does the METRC API work?

An application programming interface (API) is a computing interface that defines interactions/connections between multiple software intermediaries. An API is a mechanism in which two software systems can speak to one another (one direction or bi-directionally) to send defined data points. The METRC API enables third party software providers to send data to METRC on behalf of cannabis business license holders. The API data points, availability and changes are managed by METRC (with the guidance of each state’s regulatory bodies). 

How do I get access to Metrc?

Once an annual license is approved and the license holder and/or designated account manager have completed the required CCTT-Metrc Account Manager New Business System Training, you will be able ot access the CCTT-Metrc system. Annual licnesees will not be allowed access to the CCTT-Metrc system until the required CCTT-Metrc Account Manager New Business System Training has been completed by the licnesee or ht edesignated account manager(s).

How do I sign up for required Metrc training?

Once your licensing is approved you can schedule a Metrc training session by registering for a session on the Franwell Metrc Account Manager System training registration site.

How do I order Metrc Tags?

Once you have successfully completed training and have been granted access to the Metrc system, within the Metrc system navigate to Admin >> Order Tags to order your tags.

Metrc States

Learn more about state cannabis regulations.
Many states that have legalized medicinal or adult-use/recreational cannabis are using Metrc for track-and-trace to meet their regulatory requirements. Each state has different regulations for the cannabis industry. Typically the primary goals of state track-and-trace programs include preventing diversion of cannabis goods to the unregulated/illegal market and financial compliance, such as understanding and determining state cannabis and tax revenue. Click through the states below for more information.

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