Roshi is a METRC validated and certified third-party software provider

The Easiest Path to Compliance

Roshi is built on compliance. Our software integrates with seed-to-sale tracking platforms like Metrc – and is also designed to go above and beyond current state cannabis regulations.

Built on compliance

Roshi serializes and tracks all of your inventory, not just cannabis. From ancillary ingredients to packaging materials, with Roshi you have full traceability of your entire supply chain.

Built for the future

Our team’s expertise in FDA-regulated industries ensures you cannabis and hemp businesses will be ready for regulations just around the corner.

Integrate Compliance in your Workflow

METRC Validated Provider

Roshi is a METRC validated and certified third-party software provider. This means our integration is built to successfully integrate with METRC, meeting the METRC related seed-to-sale / track-and-trace requirements of a state.

Roshi maximizes the METRC integration in every state, by integrating every action and data point  made possible the state specific API and regulations in real-time, significantly reducing your need to interface with METRC directly.

Beyond Metrc Compliance

Inventory Accountability & Reconciliation

Roshi’s inventory management platform drives inventory accountability across your organization down to the smallest inventory unit you manage. The cycle counts and reconciliation module allows operators to easily comply with regulations regarding reconciling physical inventory with virtual inventory. The mobile app allows staff to walk the floor scanning package barcodes eliminating the paper or spreadsheet-based process and reducing human error and saving time.

Audit Trail

For further support inventory control procedures and GMP, Roshi’s platform includes an audit trail (date, time, user stamp) of all activity related to the the processing and manufacturing of cannabis products.

Prepared for what Lies Ahead

Lot Tracked / Serialized Inventory

Roshi provides lot tracking / serialization capabilities on all inventory items, whether cannabis, non-cannabis, or packaging supplies to support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Genealogy & Recalls

Quickly search a single batch number or package tag and see the entire upstream and downstream genealogy of that product, including associated product batches and sales orders for customers who received affected product. Automatically notify affected distributors / customers who received affected product to ensure consumer protection and brand integrity.

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Be prepared for what lies ahead.