Cannabis business software for accurate, detailed, and robust financial data.


Streamline your bookkeeping with Roshi’s suite of best-in-class reporting, accounting, and tax calculation tools.

Reports at Your Fingertips

  • Journal transaction reports
  • Inventory cost and value reports
  • Tax liability reports
  • Invoice status reports

Quickbooks Online Integration

  • Account synchronization between Roshi and QBO
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders sync automatically
  • Configurable to match your Quickbooks Online chart of accounts
  • Detailed tracking of cost of goods sold
  • Product, SKU and category margin reporting

Configurable Taxes

  • Create custom taxes per geography (state, county, etc.)
  • Apply tax exclusions to pricing types, e.g. samples
  • Automate taxes application to orders according to account types

Integrations Coming Soon:

Accurate, detailed and robust financial data to grow your bottom line.

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