Cannabis business software for accurate, detailed, and robust financial data.


Roshi’s best-in-class supply chain management and accounting software for the cannabis industry allows you to streamline your bookkeeping, reporting, accounting, and tax calculation tools.

Reports at Your Fingertips

Roshi’s real-time reporting module gives you easy access to all of your data. Reports can be customized for specific date ranges and exported directly from the system.

  • Journal transaction reports
  • Inventory cost and value reports
  • Tax liability reports
  • Invoice status reports
  • Detailed tracking of cost of goods sold
  • Product, SKU, and category margin reporting

Quickbooks Online Integration

Roshi’s QuickBooks Online integration ensures all of your data is automatically synchronized with your accounting platform, delivering your accounting team peace of mind with the all of the data they need.

  • Account synchronization between Roshi and QBO
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders sync automatically
  • Configurable to match your Quickbooks Online chart of accounts

Configurable Taxes

Roshi’s advanced tax rules engine works for all tax types, rules, and states. Whether the tax applies before discounts, after discounts, compounded taxes or standalone taxes, our platform is designed to handle it all.

  • Create custom taxes per geography (state, county, etc.)
  • Apply tax exclusions to pricing types, e.g. samples
  • Automate taxes application to orders according to account types

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Accurate, detailed and robust financial data to grow your bottom line.

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